Whittier Narrows Flying Field Closed Dates

by Jerry Swaim on February 1, 2013



 Wednesday and Thursday the 20th and 21st of February, the flying field will be closed to ALL GENERAL FLYING.  These two days have been set aside for the racers (really fast guys) to practice for an up coming competition. This is a safety related closure and needs to be respected.  These race planes tend to reach speeds near 200 mph and anyone at the runway must wear the proper safety equipment.  The pylons will be used so they would be in the way for any recreational flyer. I would not recommend flying at the hand launch area either.  These race airplanes need to have your eyes on them at ALL times.  And if your little hand launch airplane wanders in the path of VERY EXPENSIVE race plane you most likely will not be the most popular flier there.

Jerry Swaim

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