SGVRCL Fun-Fly on July 14, 2012

by admin on July 5, 2012

The fun-fly will start at about 8:30 AM and will run until about 12:00 PM.

At the end of the fun-fly events the field will be open to all aircraft till the park RC flying shut down at about 2:30 PM if there is a BMX event.

All of the fun-fly events are open to all aircraft, (glow/gas, and electric). There is no restriction on type or size of aircraft, or how
many you may use, but you may use only one aircraft per event.

Pilots please set up your pits at the 100 ft. line on the grass. This will leave the parking lot and pits for our families and friends.

There will be four (4) fun-fly events:
Before each event please sign up and fill out a score sheet at the flight line table.

Click an event name linked below to download the details of the event as a PDF file.

  1. Spot landing touch & goes
  2. Taxi thru the maze
  3. Pylon race with a twist
  4. Water ballo0n drop

There will be trophies for first and second place, in each event, and a trophy for the pilot who get the most points in three events.

The trophies will be awarded at the picnic lunch.

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