Jim Riccio

by Robert King on July 14, 2015

It is with great sadness that I have to announce that long time member Jim Riccio passed away yesterday the 13th at 12 noon.

I will update with info from his wife Marilyn regarding services when I find out.


Some comments and memories:


“K6TRW this is WA6IVD”

But he won’t answer me.

I just called Jim on our ham radio channel using those words above and the darn guy won’t answer. Damn, Damn, Damn. Now what do I do. Geeze! You all know the Club along with ham radio was his life second only to his family? Damn. I’ve talked to him so many times over the radio he’s family. We even kept his work table cleared when he was on the way to the field. How many times did we sit at a table eating and yacking after flying? For years and years under his lead! Hundreds? And then yack again on the radio on the way home! Hundreds of times! And tonight I had hoped that he would be honored in the club as a life member like we should have a long time ago. Tonight! Geeze! I know, he left a scorched path at times but you know what? He was right almost every time he did that. He even scorched me once but I burned him right back. I’m going to have a tough night knowing he will never answer my call. Gee. Damn. We’ve just lost a big slice out of the pie of life. Damn it Jim! What do we do now? I don’t know. Do you know I have actually shed a tear over this guy? Geeze!

73 pal, Jim Riccio K6TRW SK


I am a new club member and did not get the chance of meeting Jim. My condolences to Jim’s family and Jim will be in our prayers. – Sal Perez


Our prayers to his family! – GWhee60277


So very sorry to hear that my condolences to the family – Gene DiBiasi


Damn! So sorry to hear this. My condolences to Marilyn and Jim’s family.My condolences to all the club members that had the privilege to know Jim and share the joys of flying with him. – Jim Metzger


So sorry to hear this. My condolences to Jim’s family. From Richard Correa Club Member.


Jim was always a great mentor, competitor and friendly critic! I remember him as strongly opinionated and always welcomed a friendly debate even when at times, you thought there was none! He was always experimenting and he built quite a few beautiful birds. Jim was always an excellent traveling partner for distant fly-ins such as QSAA and IMAA events. I always learned something from Jim whether it was in the hobby, about when he worked at JPL or about running a volunteer organization like our club. Jim always had a great volunteer spirit and many, many R/C enthusiasts did indeed benefit from his efforts and enthusiasm for the hobby. – Dan Milojevich


Finally had a chance to sit down here. As someone said he was opinionated at times but he never let that get in the way from his opinion! Only being in the club a few years I can’t tell how many times he flew once then sat down and chatted with RJ and I. RJ loved to ask him questions and Jim was always willing to answer them and show him the way he did it. Spoke with him many times about building and about the corsair he was working on before he let it go. Will be strange going to the field and not hearing “How are the King’s today?” – Robert and RJ King


K6TRW this is KG6EJY. You listening. You provided me with some of life’s special moments. I will always remember the trips….Las Vegas, Castle, San Deigo and more. I will remember the flying, the crashes, the shared beers, meals and laughter. Thank you for all the great memories. Yes Ken, we have lost a slice out of the pie of life. – Don Nelson


When Marilyn called me Tuesday afternoon and told me that Jim passed Monday, I was shocked. It is still hard for me to realize that we will never see him and his hat at the flying field nor at the club meetings. Jim danced to his own tune however, was a very kind and helpful person. We had long talks regarding everything from our experiences in the service and his work. Working with Jim and having him as a friend will forever be in my mind. As soon as I hear of any services for Jim I will pass them to all. It will not be the same not seeing him at the Christmas party or with the clubs activities. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Riccio family. – Ted Holdredge


I will miss Jim. I only knew him as a fellow RC pilot at our field. He was a “crusty old curmudgeon” but every one liked him anyway. He had his own way of doing things and that’s the way he did things. He was always helpful to me, even sold me a plane at a low price once. I will miss the old “fart”. I pray for his soul and his family. Goodluck Jim on your last flight to that “great airport in the sky”. We will miss you buddy. – Leslie Bridges


Riccio as I called him behind his back was the instructor who taught me to fly RC model airplanes. So if I am a bad pilot lets blame him. I know he bumped up against a bunch of people with his “way”. But I always loved and appreciated him. The last time we talked was at El Monte Airport this year doing one of our Sunday breakfast stops. I can see him in the parking lot were we bid our farewells. I am sure I said “I will see you later” as was my custom. Never dreamed I wouldn’t. Our club will really miss that man. My best to Marilyn and his children. – Gary Glasband


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